Home Automation

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Turn your home into an automated system: Lights, heating control to security systems, blinds, music and energy.

Controled and managed through your Smart Device.

Loxone Services

Smart Home

It doesn’t matter what kind of home you have, whether you are building a new home or just want to add smart technology to your existing property. Crystal Solutions in conjunction with Loxone can make your vision a reality with;
-    Smart Lighting 
-    Music and Entertainment Solutions 
-    Intelligent Management Systems 
-    Smart Access
-    Smart Pools 
-    Relaxation Systems
-    And much more!

Smart Business

Turn your business into a modern, secure management system. We at Crystal Solution harness the power of Loxone to give you full control of your energy management and 24/7 security. We offer a wide array of services to help cut business running costs including; 
-    Modern Lighting 
-    Door Access
-    Heating Management Systems
-    Music and Entertainment Systems 
-    Emergency Alert Systems (Fires, Water Leakages etc)
-    Smart Security Systems 
-    And much more!




Smart Device

If you are looking to incorporate smart solutions into your home or business, then we have the solution for you. Harnessing the power of Loxone in addition to our experienced technicians, we at Crystal Solutions can allow you to control your environment with a simple touch of a button, giving you the freedom to relax knowing everything is under control. 
Through our smart solutions we can offer you full control of; 
-    Lighting 
-    Heating 
-    Security
-    Access management 
-    Music and Multimedia
-    Energy 
-    E-Mobility 
-    Blinds and Shutters 
-    Ventilation  
-    And much more!


If you require our services and would like a quote or simply want more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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